Overview of Operations

  • Develop a concise go forward plan to present to your team. This overview will address all hardware in use & impacts to overall operations. 
  • Learn how to apply the 3 I's: Identify, Improve, and Implement while maximizing operational excellence. 

Procedure Review

  • Review existing operational procedures and provide feedback.
  • Help with the development of standard operating procedures with a focus on mitigating hazards and calling out cautions & warnings to your team. 


  • Presentations to your young professional groups about safety culture at NASA and how to best work together as a team.
  • Share lessons learned on how to lead by example and confidently implement stop work authorization. 

Safety Leadership

  • Share my personal safety culture and top 5 leadership skills that can be used and implemented in any field with primary applications to the Aerospace and Oil & Gas industries. 
  • Examples on how to lead your team through setbacks and adjusting to change while achieving mission success.